Should you get ceramic braces? Are they as good as metal braces?

When it comes to undergoing orthodontic treatment, one issue that you might have is picking the right braces. For example, many people choose to go for the classic metal brace style. Others will go for ceramic braces. Trying to choose which is right for you can be quite tough, though, so let’s take a look at ceramic braces in particular.

What are ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces might not be the term that you hear when you go to speak to your dentist about your options. For example, some people refer to these forms of braces as clear braces instead. The popular dental option, Invisalign, is a different take on the clear/ceramic brace option. This should let you know what you are looking for when you speak to your dentist, and what the term actually means.

Ceramic braces work in a similar fashion to standard metal braces. However, they have clear plastic brackets instead and they also use clear plastic wires, too. If you wish, you can have your clear braces blended into the color of your teeth, helping to avoid any issues with the braces being too visible.

Why should I get ceramic braces?

There are numerous reasons why someone might choose to go for ceramic braces instead of going for normal metal options. Just some of the options include:

  • Less visibility. Braces can be a real dent to your self-belief since they often stand out so much, causing anxiety when in social situations. With ceramic braces you have nothing like the same level of worry: they are far less visible, so far less likely to be noticed.
  • Less irritation. With metal braces, you can cause irritation to the rest of your mouth just through the material rubbing against your teeth and gums. With clear braces, that problem is far less apparent. This mean you will be able to enjoy day-to-day living without irritation.
  • Simpler maintenance. Though clear braces are more likely to become damaged if you don’t care of them compared to metal options, they are much easier to clean, maintain and manage. So long as you follow the instructions of your dentist, they’ll stay in condition.
  • Affordable. Despite being the more popular option at the moment, the cost of ceramics is not much more – and sometimes less – than your traditional metal braces. While the highest price point may be higher, the lowest price points are often much lower for ceramic braces.

Of course, just like any other form of brace, ceramic braces will become stained or damaged if you don’t look after them. You will find that problems like staining from drinking coffee/tea and also from habits like smoking will cause any form of brace – ceramics included – to stain.

This means that you should look to try and make the choice not so much based on aesthetics, but on quality of life. With less irritation and less challenges overall when wearing your braces, there’s a reason that ceramic braces are now so popular – especially over older metal braces.

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