Braces Singapore.
Straight teeth.

Beautiful smile.
Healthy mouth.

Welcome to Straighten

Dr Wee Teng Yau, Orthodontist Singapore.

We specialise in many types of braces: Ceramic Braces, Metals braces, and many more.
Your smile is important.
You use it everyday to communicate non-verbally, in your social and work life.
Your smile is your brand. What does it say?

Benefits of having straight teeth

Smile with confidence

Make a good first impression

Keep teeth clean more easily

Well Ahead

Beautiful Smiles….Go a Thousand Miles

Do you have any of these problems?

Overcrowded or "messy" teeth.

Upper teeth sticking out.

Spaces between teeth.

Reverse bite (lower teeth are in front of the upper).

Abnormally positioned teeth.

Braces can help improve your smile.

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